On hiatus

I'm very sad to say that AmpleAmputee.com is going on hiatus. Unless I ever find someone to be on camera with, then I will DEFINITELY post it here!!

Visa issues and not enough money make my moving to England impossible. I'm very sad about this and not really sure what direction my life is going in right now.

A year ago I lost the apartment I used for my shoots. I also realized that I had reached the limit of what I can do creatively on my own. I need a photographer to get angles I can't get with my tripod and a remote control.

I've been looking for someone for a year now but I haven't had any luck. I was hoping being overseas would at the very least give my creativity a boost. I was also very hopeful that I'd find someone who I could work with...in front of or behind the camera.

I want to thank my core members who stuck with me! As long as my webmaster has a server my site will be here. I'm not saying "goodbye", I'm saying, "I'll see you again."

I just don't know when.


Posted: 2009-11-11 at 16:43:37


On hiatus
Busy busy!!
Happy Spring!!
Haven't forgotten you all!!
Thank you veterans!!
Kind of cool...


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