Haven't forgotten you all!!

Not at ALL!!! You're always on my mind...;-)

Unfortunately I no longer have access to the apartment I used to use for shoots. The economy is getting to everyone, my friend had to rent it out and I couldn't afford it. :-( That's why I no longer do 2 updates a month.

I live with my mother, who is retired. And it has been VERY snowy here for the past month so I haven't had ANY privacy.

So I'm going to see what I can manage to do in the next week. Of course we're getting ice the next 2 days so I'm going to REALLY have to use my imagination!

I will get my next update to you as soon as I can!!!

XXX Annie


Posted: 2009-11-08 at 01:12:18


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Happy Spring!!
Haven't forgotten you all!!
Thank you veterans!!
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