Just wanted to let you all know that starting in April 2012 I will no longer be accepting Visa. :-(

Because I'm an adult site Visa considers me "high risk" and makes me pay $500 a year to accept their card.

It's always been a struggle to come up with the money but now it's impossible.

CCBill will still accept all other credit cards.

I've received prepaid mastercard's as gifts. I've never tried to get a subscription to a site with a prepaid credit card before but that might be an option.

I'm very sorry, times are tough. I truly appreciate everyone who has been/is a member!!

The good news is that if I ever get the money together to accept Visa again I'll be able to change my "bill to" name to something that doesn't sound like an adult website. LOL!


Posted: 2009-11-12 at 04:23:05

On hiatus

I'm very sad to say that is going on hiatus. Unless I ever find someone to be on camera with, then I will DEFINITELY post it here!!

Visa issues and not enough money make my moving to England impossible. I'm very sad about this and not really sure what direction my life is going in right now.

A year ago I lost the apartment I used for my shoots. I also realized that I had reached the limit of what I can do creatively on my own. I need a photographer to get angles I can't get with my tripod and a remote control.

I've been looking for someone for a year now but I haven't had any luck. I was hoping being overseas would at the very least give my creativity a boost. I was also very hopeful that I'd find someone who I could work front of or behind the camera.

I want to thank my core members who stuck with me! As long as my webmaster has a server my site will be here. I'm not saying "goodbye", I'm saying, "I'll see you again."

I just don't know when.


Posted: 2009-11-11 at 16:43:37

Happy Spring!!

I'm glad winter's almost over! I'm feeling EXTRA frisky!

I've been brainstorming on where I can do my shoots and I have a few good ideas, I've had some help from a very intriguing muse. ;-)

I'll have a photo set up in the next 5 days (it's March 18th today). Life has been kind of crazy, but when isn't it? It's more fun that way don't you think?!

I also THINK I have someone local interested in being on camera with me. I will let you all know more when I know more!!

I've been DYING to give you all some hot hardcore action for 2 years now. This month is my 2 year anniversary...,finally getting a sex tape I can post here for my members would be an EXCELLENT anniversary gift to you all!

Stay hot 'n horny for me...I WILL get back to you all soon on that sex tape. I hate to bring up things like "virtue" here but patience really is a virtue sometimes. ;-)

XXX Annie


Posted: 2009-11-09 at 02:53:53

Haven't forgotten you all!!

Not at ALL!!! You're always on my mind...;-)

Unfortunately I no longer have access to the apartment I used to use for shoots. The economy is getting to everyone, my friend had to rent it out and I couldn't afford it. :-( That's why I no longer do 2 updates a month.

I live with my mother, who is retired. And it has been VERY snowy here for the past month so I haven't had ANY privacy.

So I'm going to see what I can manage to do in the next week. Of course we're getting ice the next 2 days so I'm going to REALLY have to use my imagination!

I will get my next update to you as soon as I can!!!

XXX Annie


Posted: 2009-11-08 at 01:12:18

Thank you veterans!!

Just a thankful 'n naughty wink to all veterans out there for everything you've done!!


I'm working on my latest video, there's been some family drama so I haven't had the time that I usually do, but I'm getting there!

I've also had some VERY tempting offers from a couple of local men...but their dicks are TOO thick!! It's driving me nuts!

My pussy's too tight...even if they licked and sucked my clit until I came 10 times the only thing they could do would be slide it in S L O W L Y and get out.

How thick am I talking? As thick as a soda/beer can. I can't fuck that, I can't suck that and it's a damn shame!

So the search for an on camera partner continues...a long dick I can do, but 2 inches wide and over is NOT doable. I love you all but I'm not hurting myself!

For those of you who are patiently waiting for me to use crutches I'm getting closer! I FINALLY was able to use my wheelchair last week to vote. The first time in almost 8 months!

That went well but I need to ease back into it. I'd LOVE to be able to use crutches for the video I'm working on but I can't...underarm crutches put too much pressure on my shoulder and it's STILL healing.

But I have NOT forgotten!!

Look for a new video from me in the next week! XXX


Posted: 2009-11-07 at 23:01:46

Kind of cool...


The weather that is. I've been quiet because this summer was so damn hot and my shoulder's been healing so I haven't been getting out much. :-(

It SUCKS!!!!

I don't ever want to fall down again, and if I do, PLEASE don't let one of my arms be hurt! I have never had such frustration with the amount of healing time required! Do you know that I can barely put my right hand on my hip? It's been 7 MONTHS since I fell!!!

Fucking hell!!!! >:-(

But I'm still doing my exercises and now that I know I have a hand-on-hip problem I'm working on that everyday too. I thought I was almost ready to get back into my wheelchair, HA!! :-(

Enough bitching! As my members know, I sent them a VERY hot video featuring me and a male stripper because my photo update had to wait.

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm working on those photos as we speak. I'll have them up by Tuesday at the very latest. Thank you so much for your patience!!

I may have my quiet times but my members are ALWAYS on my mind!!! I love you guys and I do my best with what I've got for you. Too bad my body doesn't always like to cooperate. But when it does I go to work because I love showing off my sexy self for you. ;-)

See you all in a day or two!

Posted: 2009-11-06 at 18:55:43

It's blazing hot!!


And not just between my luscious thighs!! ;-)

I had a great idea for a photo shoot at a bus stop. The advertisement that would be behind me said "Losing the American Dream?" and I though it was a great social commentary that would look wonderful with my thonged ass in front of it but my friend is skittish and between the heat waves and his schedule it never worked out. And now the ad changed. :-(

Boo hiss!!!!

It really has been unusually hot here in the midwest so I've been staying inside. Some friends of mine have a yearly campout and I'd love to slip away into a more secluded section of the camping area and get something for the site but I'll have to see how much alone time I can get.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am! I discovered a hot new way to get off. I'll be sure to show you soon. ;-)

Posted: 2009-11-05 at 21:14:45



I'm very happy to say that ALL photo sets and videos work now!!

There are 2 "Hot Pink n black" photo sets, just click on the one that says "I'm reposting this so you can actually see it". I would love to delete the one that doesn't work but that's an issue that's totally out of my hands at the moment.

The most important thing is that I was able to take care of all errors and mismatched thumbnails.


And please, if you come across any problems at any time please email me at

Remember, that's MidNITE, not MidNIGHT.

Posted: 2009-11-04 at 02:01:18

Healed at last!!!


As my members know, I took a fall almost 2 months ago and really hurt my right arm and shoulder. I wasn't even able to use my computer for a couple of weeks! Even after that I could only use it for limited amounts of time. I just started using my mouse with my right hand a couple of days ago.

I learned my lesson last year when I tore a chest muscle during a really hot fuck with a guy. It hurt but I kept trying to do what I usually did and it took twice as long to heal and really messed up my ability to do shoots.

So this year I just stopped everything and let myself heal. I'm not 100% healed just yet so I can't use crutches right now, but I have not forgotten about them!

The most important thing is that I'm able to use my computer and do shoots again. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 2009-11-03 at 02:14:19

Dreams of sex

I rarely have sexy dreams while I'm sleeping. I seem to prefer daydreams of sex while I'm awake. ;-)

But today I had a dream about sex and it involved a woman. Unusual but ok!

So I was in bed and suddenly getting a much needed backrub. I hadn't realized how much I needed a backrub until I felt hands on my back, rubbing so hard and just right.

Then an attractive dirty blonde looks at me over my shoulder. She's what I would term "80's model attractive". I think a lot of the more popular models from the 80's had a slightly masculine look to their faces--probably just strong, square facial structure.

Anyway, she's tall and blondish and wanting a kiss from me. The minute our lips meet we can't get enough of each other. Our tongues are twined together, my huge tits and her smaller, perky ones rubbing and pushing together, our nipples rock hard.

Her long fingers wrap around one of my breasts, her lips break from mine and open around my big aureole and pointed nipple. She's sucking and squeezing me and I'm moaning.

She moves back to my lips and we're kissing, we can't get deep enough into each other...

...and that's when she whips out an impossibly thick dildo. I mean this thing is COMPLETELY unworkable for me. I'm tight and it's several inches wide. Ridiculously impossible. The dream falls apart and I wake up.

Now I know why I prefer waking dreams of sex. No ugly surprises! LOL!

Posted: 2009-10-29 at 16:05:50

NOT hot and sexy

I haven't forgotten about my blog, not at all! It's just that I decided that I wasn't going to bitch and moan here, I was going to keep it hot 'n sexy.

So what happens when life is decidedly UNsexy? No blog...

...and site updates that are a week late.

I was going to be on time this week. Even though my grandfather died, even though there was a US holiday, I was going to be on time with my photo update dammit!!!

And then I got sick. Again. I was sick on Monday, then again Thursday night. I spent all day Friday in bed (couldn't breathe) and it seems that now I'm losing my voice.

So it's a good thing that I don't have to shoot a video this week. Nothing very sexy in a creaky voice.

I've been getting sick every other week, sometimes every week for the past 2 months. I didn't blog about it because I kept hoping that would be the last time I'd get sick. But I've had it. I'm tired of being late and not saying why, I'm REALLY fucking tired of being sick.

Hand sanitizer is my best friend. Every time I touch anything that my mother might have touched I sanitize. I can't keep getting sick, it's messing with my production schedule and enough is enough!!

I'm extremely hopeful that I will have a hot 'n sexy photo update for you all by next weekend. Unless I take a turn for the worse...fingers crossed, knock on wood!!!

Posted: 2009-10-29 at 01:18:39


I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted a blog entry!! I SUCK!!!

Well, I suck in more ways than one...;-) mouth's watering just thinking about having a hard, thick cock in it. I do love swallowing loads of hot cum!!!

I wish I had a new experience to tell you all about, but things have been kind of quiet around here. I'm hoping my sex life will heat up once fall arrives-I've got a few irons in the fire. A couple of those might even be on camera! My fingers are crossed that the guys mean what they say and that we can hook up.

What's mostly been keeping me busy is doing updates. I've been featuring my stump more in my photos and videos, I hope you all like that. You can always let me know by dropping me an email at love hearing from you all!!

I get these great ideas in my head but when I go to do them I discover that I'm not as flexible as I once was. Or the chair I'm using is groaning in an alarming!

As you may or may not know, I'm not only the star but I'm also the camera person which can make things complicated. I'm finding there's just some things I can't do on my own, although I try my hardest to get what's in my head out online.

But I'm not complaining! It's just an added challenge for me to work with. ;-)

I am impatiently waiting for autumn. I love cool weather, probably because I'm so hot blooded! Brisk air gets my nipples hard and that's always a bonus when I'm shooting outdoors.

I'm going to be doing some location scouting in the coming week. I have an idea for a Halloween themed shoot but I need a fairly secluded spot. I'm excited about it and hope I can make it happen!!

Posted: 2009-09-25 at 16:05:45


And it's blazing hot here! It's been in the high 90's all week which has wreaked havoc on my shooting schedule. Well actually, a friend chickening out of letting me use his backyard for my shoot is what really wreaked havoc on my schedule. I told him several times that I wasn't going to be nude...well, not for long. Of course I didn't tell him that. ;-) But he still had excuses why I couldn't shoot. Damn!

So I was going to have to do a shoot after the hot weather descended but found out that for some reason, this year I am very delicate in the heat. I got sick on Sunday just going to a family visit and back. I was in air conditioning in my car, in their house, back here at home...but I still got sick.

And I also have many patches of heat rash over my upper body. It's byoootiful!!!

So I've cranked up the a/c in my bedroom and am hoping by Monday I'll be cleared up enough to do my video. I'll have my next update up by the end of next week.

Other than that it looks like it's going to be a quiet summer. I'd love to take a trip up to Detroit with a friend whose mother has a big house and a pool but I don't know if it will work out. I had some car repairs to take care of and I have to license my car so money's a little tight for the next month.

But I'd really love to be able to have private access to a pool to do a shoot for you all. The wheels are churning in my head, if there's a way to work it, I'll find it! ;-)

Posted: 2009-06-25 at 16:51:50

What's new!

All kinds of things, good and not so good.

First off, I'm available to members for instant messaging on yahoo pretty much every day. I sent out an email to everyone but in case you forgot I'm add that as your contact ALONG WITH YOUR AMPLEAMPUTEE.COM USERNAME and we can start chatting!


We can chat nice or we can chat dirty, or nice 'n dirty! ;-) No webcam though. I'm on pretty much from 4pm-12am CST. That's 11pm-7am in Europe.

I'm hoping we can get the newest webcam bug worked out by June 4th but if we don't then I'll be doing the webcam show on yahoo conference. The webcam was working just fine on my computer here at home a few weeks ago, but when I checked it the day before last weeks show nothing! VERY frustrating.

I'm also having to share my studio space. I used to have free access to an apartment in my building, now if I get 2 days a week I'm lucky. That as well as the crappy wireless router is why I'm having to do webcam shows during the week from my home computer.

Everyone's been pretty quiet about what they would like to see. No need to be shy! Do you want more stump? More ass? Pussy? Write me at, I'm open to suggestions!

I took down the video section that was for me with guys because I haven't had any luck in finding someone who's serious about being on camera with me. The guy I shot some tape with in February, who SAID he forgot his id, has been ignoring my phone calls and messages.

I hear from at least one guy a week who says he wants to be on camera with me but they aren't serious. I'm doing everything I can to get some hot video of me getting fucked! It will happen, it's just taking awhile.

Write me, im me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from my members!!

Posted: 2009-05-22 at 17:41:54

What's happening

So still no luck on a wireless broadcast. I got a wireless router from a friend but the signal sucks! The phone company, who I have my internet through, is dicking me around on the signal issue, mainly because it's not their router. But I point out that my friend has and had their internet service and used the router and it worked fine. No, it's because of this or that...excuses excuses.

I have another option to look into but it takes money and I might be in need of some car repairs so that might slow me down.

So I was thinking of doing a webcam show here at home, at my desk. I won't have the ability to do some things since I'll be in a chair but I can at least talk to you, play with my tits and show my ass and stump.

The only problem is I have to do it when my mother is gone and that's basically for an hour on Thursdays at 6pm, CST. That's 7pm on the east coast, 4pm on the west coast and 12am in the UK.

I'm out of commission for the next week for any horny play, but I'll try the router and the phone company again and hopefully get my car in the shop to see what's going on. Once I find out how much that will be I'll know what cash I have to work with.

So Thursday, May 14th at 6pm CST I will have a webcam show. I'm hoping it will be in a lovely bed where I can spread out and really have some fun, but if not at least we can talk and have a little naughty fun! ;-)

Posted: 2009-04-30 at 17:39:29

Shoot with a man!

Yes that's right, I found a local man to be on camera with, at least once, hopefully more. ;-)

It was a great shoot, he was very professional and had a great cock which he certainly knew how to use. It was a deeply satisfying experience...RAWR!

However, I'm heading into the second week of an injury from that hotness, a torn pectoral muscle. How did I tear my pec? Well, I love doggy style and I love it HARD!!

It takes a lot of muscle to keep 375 pounds of jiggling flesh nice 'n steady while my pussy's being pounded good 'n hard. And of course I couldn't just keep myself steady; I had to fuck back because I just could NOT get enough of that superfine, big cock plunging so deeply into me.

Did I say RAWR? Oh hell YEAH!!!

So the torn muscle was COMPLETELY worth the aches and pains I've had to suffer the past 2 weeks. The next shoot I have with a man I'm doing lots of arm stretches before the camera starts to roll...

Posted: 2009-03-09 at 21:13:07

Happy 2010!!!

I hope the holidays went well for everyone. My Xmas was good but the first week of the new year sucked. I like to think that I got some of the years crap out of the way right at the start!

It's been really really cold here, perfect for getting all hot and steamy in bed! Since I'm single I had generate all of the steam myself, which wasn't so hard to do. ;-) I don't know what it was but I was EXTRA horny at the end of the year, using my favorite vibrator almost every night!

I love really strong, slender vibrators. I just put them right up against my clit and start grinding away. Doesn't take me long to cum at all!

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet. The snow and frigid cold have kept me indoors for the past week. The snow's finally melting, I just might head out to the store later on today.

Too bad so many of my fans live far away from me, I'd love to have someone to be on camera with. I've had a couple of local guys say they're interested but either they really aren't or there's a time/money problem. But I keep looking!

I'm getting together what I need for my latest video update, it should be up in the next week!

Posted: 0000-00-00 at 02:01:35

Happy 2010!!!

I hope everyone's holidays went well. My Xmas was good but the first week of the new year sucked. I like to think that I got some of the years crap out of the way early.

But before new year's boy was I horny! I don't know what it was but I was using my favorite vibrator to get off just about every night. I like powerful, slender vibrators--I just put them up against my clit and start grinding. Doesn't take me long to cum!

It's been extremely cold here, perfect weather for getting all hot and steamy in bed. Since I'm single I had to generate that steam myself. It wasn't too hard! ;-) It's a shame to have all those creamy orgasms alone but I manage to save some for the camera so even if you can't be in me you can at least watch.

I'm getting things together for my latest video update, it should be up next weekend.

Posted: 0000-00-00 at 02:12:44


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