Spring's springing...

...and I'm excited yet nervous about my site actually going live. It doesn't help that I've become the virus queen. 3 viruses in 5 weeks! WTF?!?!? I blame Mom and her job at the hospital.

I also realized that it had been almost 2 months since I had done a "formal" photo/video shoot. EEK!! I decided what I was going to do but then Mom was home most of last week. By Wednesday I just said "Fuck it!" and got made up and dressed in my short dress. Mom told me not to bend over because you could see my underwear. I told her that was the point and set out into one of the few sunny days we have had.

It was pretty windy though and when I bent over I didn't see as much underwear as I wanted to. Oh well! I'm pretty good at improvising so if something doesn't work out one way I'll make it work another. ;-)

I'm hoping to actually get some action this week, the first in over a month! It would be wonderful if I could meet up with my video partner too. I'd love to have more hot sex on tape for you all.

I have some photos that I need to work on so it's back to work for me.

Posted: 2008-04-19 at 18:34:14

March Action

So this past winter was pretty hard. I didn't have any income whatsoever and my Mother who I live with is currently having her wages garnished by the feds. For most of the winter I was eating a can of soup a day.

I have a local friend who loves watching me out and about using adaptive equipment. He helped out by giving me shopping money so I was occasionally able to buy food and he would stop by with lunch. He loves my curves and wants me to have more of them so it was his pleasure to keep me fed beyond a can of Chunky Soup a day.

I also had a variety of minor viruses (Mom works in a hospital) that kept me laying low from November-February. No fun at all!! Not only that but after the holidays I was just plain depressed. Poverty, a cold apartment and seemingly no end in sight conspired to keep me in bed watching a lot of tv.

But it all seemed to disappear in February. I found several new sites to be on to get my face and name out there and of course kept shooting photos and video. I managed to stay busy getting to know people and I was amazed when I realized that my youtube channel had hit 500,000 views by the beginning of March!

I also heard from a few guys that were either in town or willing to come to town to be in videos with me. So far I've only met one but I'm confident that I'll have enough actual sex action on tape to get you all off more than a few times!

As some of you may know, the Spring Equinox brought me a long lost friend, John. He's always been gay but we kind of fooled around a little in high school. John had heard that I had died of cancer so he was ecstatic when he found out I was alive and well.

I forgot how enthusiastic John is about everything! I needed his energy and most importantly his computer expertise. We finally got a hold of Webmaster Joe (we all met in high school) and John was able to type up some code that saved me hours of tedious work. He also got me used to getting around my site and uploading media...he really was a life saver and I'm already looking forward to the Xmas holidays when he'll be in town next!

So I'm still recovering and catching up from John's visit but I'm feeling so positive and excited about my site finally being close to finished!!

Posted: 2008-03-25 at 14:01:57


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