It's December!

And I'm freezing cold! I had a very fun video/photo shoot in a nice, hot bubble bath today. I'd love to get back in the tub, but I would have to get out into the chill of the apartment all over again and it's just not worth it.

I had a great time in the tub today though. Do you know that was the first time I ever finger fucked my ass? It's true! When you have a 78 inch butt it's kind of hard to play around back there and be comfortable. But in the tub I'm so slippery and floating in the water, makes it sooo much easier and fun!

I'm sure you can tell that I'm enjoying myself...I guess I am an exhibitionist, it's always a little extra thrill knowing that all of my members will be watching, getting so hard and excited over what I'm doing to myself. I love it!!!

Posted: 2007-12-02 at 23:06:29


My hormones are cooperating so I'm starting to get wet and excited thinking about doing new videos for you all! I can't wait to stretch out in bed, spread my heavy thighs for the camera and start fingering my fat, wet pussy. I get so horny knowing that so many people are watching me get wetter and makes me cum sooo hard, moaning in such pleasure! I wish I lived alone so I could get off right now.
Posted: 2007-11-20 at 17:42:03

November 2-07

I'm waiting for a good friend of mine to pick me up but since it's 11:30pm I'm starting to think she's forgotten. That's ok, it's been a weird day and I didn't get much sleep so I'll be happy to stay home. I found out this morning that my unemployment has been used up. No more money! Willow was going to come and get me(because of course my car's on empty) and have me spend the weekend with her and her family. Oh well, I need to laundry and I'm tired. Being completely broke is very exhausting. After a couple of hours of sleep I remembered that I have a 401k so I'm going to have take some money from there to live on until I get disability(hopefully). That's what was so frustrating today. It's not like I can go to some fast food place and get a crap job. I can't stand and walk for a few minutes, let alone for 8 hours! I felt so, well, stunned. I only cried for a few minutes because frankly, the shit has been hitting the fan pretty regularly the past 6 months so I'm kind of numb.

But I'm feeling better because I might be able to get my money online and I have my site here to work on and get set up! I have possibilities, it's just that working through them is going to be a challenge. A hungry challenge! I might lose more takes money to keep this figure as luscious as it is! Loooots of chocolate...;) XXX

Posted: 2007-11-20 at 17:43:15


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