And it's blazing hot here! It's been in the high 90's all week which has wreaked havoc on my shooting schedule. Well actually, a friend chickening out of letting me use his backyard for my shoot is what really wreaked havoc on my schedule. I told him several times that I wasn't going to be nude...well, not for long. Of course I didn't tell him that. ;-) But he still had excuses why I couldn't shoot. Damn!

So I was going to have to do a shoot after the hot weather descended but found out that for some reason, this year I am very delicate in the heat. I got sick on Sunday just going to a family visit and back. I was in air conditioning in my car, in their house, back here at home...but I still got sick.

And I also have many patches of heat rash over my upper body. It's byoootiful!!!

So I've cranked up the a/c in my bedroom and am hoping by Monday I'll be cleared up enough to do my video. I'll have my next update up by the end of next week.

Other than that it looks like it's going to be a quiet summer. I'd love to take a trip up to Detroit with a friend whose mother has a big house and a pool but I don't know if it will work out. I had some car repairs to take care of and I have to license my car so money's a little tight for the next month.

But I'd really love to be able to have private access to a pool to do a shoot for you all. The wheels are churning in my head, if there's a way to work it, I'll find it! ;-)

Posted: 2009-06-25 at 16:51:50


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