It's December!

And I'm freezing cold! I had a very fun video/photo shoot in a nice, hot bubble bath today. I'd love to get back in the tub, but I would have to get out into the chill of the apartment all over again and it's just not worth it.

I had a great time in the tub today though. Do you know that was the first time I ever finger fucked my ass? It's true! When you have a 78 inch butt it's kind of hard to play around back there and be comfortable. But in the tub I'm so slippery and floating in the water, makes it sooo much easier and fun!

I'm sure you can tell that I'm enjoying myself...I guess I am an exhibitionist, it's always a little extra thrill knowing that all of my members will be watching, getting so hard and excited over what I'm doing to myself. I love it!!!

Posted: 2007-12-02 at 23:06:29


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